• Eureka Tribune - "I can truly admire how well they achieved their almost impossible undertaking."

  • Music Scene Magazine - "Pink Floyd enthusiast or not, you're sure to become a fan of House of Floyd...a spectacular show which was confirmed by the full house.  They brought it all! The music! The Videos! The lasers! The pig!"

  • Pacific Sun, Marin - "House of Floyd plays everything from early Syd Barrett-era Floyd to more recent David Gilmour material. And it performs entire albums, including Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall."

  • Sacramento Press -  "...The guys and girls in House of Floyd do an amazing job of recreating the huge, lush, layered soundscapes for which Pink Floyd is so known, and loved."

  • Santa Cruz Live - "’s both surprising and completely understandable that there are few tribute bands to the Floyd. How can you accurately recreate a Pink Floyd show without totally bankrupting yourself in the process? The House of Floyd has that answer."

  • GuitarVibe Magazine - "House of Floyd gets as close to note-perfect as any band I've ever seen --including Roger Waters' own "Dark Side of the Moon" tour last year."  "House of Floyd is such a great live band, I'm not sure a camera can every really capture how much fun they are to see... My advice is to go see them live. That's where you really get the full impact of their live performance..."

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for the Young at Heart, Tim Martin - "I don’t know what most folks intend to do when they retire, but I’m going to sell everything I own, jump in my pickup, and follow House of Floyd around the Pacific Northwest from concert to concert."

  • San - "Pink Floyd’s glory days are over. Syd Barret is long gone, the Roger Waters/David Gilmore head butting/public bickering thing has worn thin and the classic lineup hasn’t played more than a few shows here and there for ages. For the Pink Floyd faithful however, there exists a way to recreate and relive the magic of the legendary group’s concerts - tribute bands, and there are lots of them. Some are good, some—not so much, and some are great. House of Floyd falls comfortably into the great category."

  • The Journal, Humboldt - "Floyd in Humboldt?, never...Luckily for you though, the world’s premiere Pink Floyd tribute band House of Floyd just happens to be playing this Saturday, Nov. 13 at the Arkley Center. They’re the next best thing. Maybe even better, since House of Floyd band members don’t fight incessantly. Deep cuts off Dark Side and The Wall? Check. Eye-popping lasers? Check. Nuanced musical complexity and powerful visual imagery? Double check..."

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